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Over Seven Miles of Nature Trails for Walking or Hiking l Pierce Cedar Creek Institute l A Kalamazoo Michigan Area Nature Center


Looking for a trail to walk or run, but don't know which one? Here are three staff choices for exploring the trails. For more information on the recommended trails simply click on the map image and a decription will be displayed. Have a great time on the trails and be sure to stop in to the Visitor Center for more information about the Institute.







Rules and Regulations for Trail Users


• No hunting, fishing, trapping, or plant collecting, except for authorized research or management purposes.
• Do not release wildlife or domesticated animals on the property.
• No littering or dumping.
• Keep all pets on a leash. Pets are not allowed in the buildings. As a courtesy to other participants please do not bring pets with you to programs, including hikes.
• Clean up all pet waste on trails.
• Respect the rights of adjacent property owners.
• Stay on trails and do not interfere with research projects and equipment. Off-trail hiking may be permissible with written staff consent.
• No bikes, ORVs, or horses on trails.
• No personal or motorized watercrafts on Brewster Lake or Cedar Creek.
• Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and possession of illegal drugs on the property is strictly prohibited.
• Possession and/or discharge of firearms, weapons, fireworks, and/or explosives are prohibited with the exception of bows and guns used strictly (with written consent) for deer and turkey management programs.
• Camping and campfires are prohibited. Campfires in the designated fire pits adjacent to housing units are allowed with staff permission.
• Recreational swimming is prohibited.