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Undergraduate Research at a South Michigan Biological Field Station

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute welcomes research projects from outside our college and university consortium. All researchers are required to complete and file a research agreement before beginning any research at the Michigan biological field station. Those considering using Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for research or a class, should feel free to visit and scout the property. Contact Sara Syswerda, education director, at (269) 721-4434 to arrange a visit.

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Undergraduate Research Projects

The following is a list of our current and past research projects with detailed descriptions and citations for review. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sara Syswerda, our education director.

Undergraduate Research Grants for Summer 2014 - At a West Michigan Biological Field Station and Nature Center - Pierce Ceder Creek InstituteSummer Undergraduate Research - Wetlands and Environmental Education - A West Michigan Nature Center and Biological Field Station
















Aquatic Ecosystem
Terrestrial Ecosystem


Resources for Researchers

The following files list some of the research equipment and data that is available at the Institute.

Travel Grant Application (MSWord fillable form)
Available Research Equipment (MSExcel)
Available GIS Layers (MSExcel)
Herbarium Specimens (MSExcel)

Peer-Reviewed Publications (PDF)