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Executive Director: Michelle Skedgell (269) 721-4470 skedgellm@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Development Director: Cathy Hart (269) 721-4131 hartc@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Human Resources Director: Mel Bowman (269) 721-4291 bowmanm@cedarcreekinstitute.org                                                  

Finance Director: Rick Hemerling (269) 721-4433 hemerlingr@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Finance Assistant: Kay LaPierre (269) 721-4291 lapierrek@cedarcreekinstitute.org  

Communications Coordinator: Sara Lien Edelman (269) 721-4472 lienedelmans@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Marketing Coordinator: Barb Lancaster (269) 721-4191 lancasterb@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Education Director: Sara Syswerda (269) 721-4434 syswerdas@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Field Station Manager: Matt Dykstra (269) 721-4473 dykstram@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Program Coordinator: Ellen Holste (269) 721-4170 holstee@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Stewardship Manager: Corey Lucas (269) 721-4198 lucasc@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Facilities Manager: Tadd Wattles (269) 721-4471 wattlest@cedarcreekinstitute.org
Chef: Dan Belson: (269) 721-4410 belsond@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Hospitality Coordinator: Michelle Quesnel (269) 721-4180 quesnelm@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Stewardship Assistant: Jim Kolar (269) 721-4198

Facilities Assistant: Todd Boyer (269) 721-4471

Housekeeping Staff: Melissa Baker (269) 721-4471


Employment Opportunities


On-call Kitchen Assistant: On-call kitchen help needed for events and rentals. Will work two to three eight hour shifts one weekend per month, possibly more. Pierce Cedar Creek Institute offers an exciting kitchen, employing scratch cookery with a focus on sustainable food. Must be dependable, self-motivated, able to stay on task, and work at a good pace. Responsibilities include food preparation, cooking, cleaning, dish washing, and servicing in the dining room. On-call status with variable hours that could include early mornings, nights and weekends. No phone calls please. EOE. Please send resume to Chef Dan Belson at belsond@cedarcreekinstitute.org or mail resume to: Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Attn: Kitchen Assistant, 701 W. Cloverdale Rd., Hastings, MI 49058



In 1988, Bill and Jessie Pierce formed The Willard G. Pierce and Jessie M. Pierce Foundation as a way to give back to the people and communities of Hastings, Barry County, and West Michigan. The Foundation has given numerous grants to the Hastings Area School District, the First Presbyterian Church, Love Inc., and Charlton Park, as well as nearly twenty other Barry County non-profit organizations. Bill and Jessie passed away in 1998, but just prior to their deaths, the idea of building an environmental education center was conceived while visiting a friend's house and enjoying the natural beauty of Barry County.

The Pierce Foundation is overseen by a group of dedicated individuals committed to seeing Bill and Jessie’s dream come to fruition

Carl Schoessel, Retired Superintendent, Delton Kellogg Public Schools

Vice President
Hilary Snell, Varnum LLP

Jim Toburen, Retired

Willard L. "Joe" Pierce, Retired
Dr. Carrie Duits, Superintendent, Hastings Area School System

Dan Birchfield, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Hastings

Jim DeCamp, National Sales Manager, Flexfab