Inspiration Through ScienceStrong Education

Science, when presented as both a subject and as a method of study, helps children better understand the world in which they live. Science allows for active learning.
Promoting science education is a fundamental component of Pierce Cedar Creek Institute's mission. To build upon this effort, the Institute launched ScienceStrong—Explore, Experience, Engage in the fall of 2014 with a specific goal in mind: to improve science literacy among area preschool through high school students by providing resources for teachers and expanding learning opportunities for students. Barry County students are becoming ScienceStrong!

Science Lending Library

With the help of donors to the ScienceStrong—Explore, Experience, Engage initiative, the Institute launched an online Science Lending Library full of equipment and supplies available for a free six-week loan for educators to use in their classrooms to enhance students' learning experiences. If you are interested in borrowing materials or have particular requests, contact Dr. Sara Syswerda at

Education Resources for West Michigan

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute is proud to be a supporter of the Barry Career Access Network effort, known as BCAN!, and its goal to increase the percentage of Greater Barry County residents with post-high school certificates or degrees to 60% by the year 2030.

If you would like to get involved with or help the BCAN! initiative in Barry County, contact the BCAN! Coordinator at