Our Team

Staff and Board

Proud to be environmental stewards through conservation and sustainable practices

Michelle Skedgell

Executive Director

Email: skedgellm@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Sara Syswerda

Education Director

Education Assistant: Jim Kolar

Email: syswerdas@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Cathy Hart-Jansma

Development Director

Email: hartjansmac@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Tracy Noorman

HR & Hospitality Manager

Email: noormant@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Rick Hemerling

Finance Director

Email: hemerlingr@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Nancy Cotant

Finance Assistant

Email: cotantn@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Sara Lien Edelman

Communications Coordinator

Email: lienedelmans@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Barb Matyasic

Marketing Coordinator

Email: matyasicb@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Matt Dykstra

Field Station Manager

Email: dykstram@cedarcreekinstitute.org

Corey Lucas

Stewardship Manager

Email: lucasc@cedarcreekinstitute.org


Stewardship Coordinator


Ellen Holste

Community Program Manager

Email: holstee@cedarcreekinstitute.org


Facilities Manager

Facilities Assistant: Todd Boyer

Housekeeping: Meagan Eddy


Dan Belson


Assistant Chef: Melissa Baker

Kitchen Assistant: Cheryl Easey

Email: belsond@cedarcreekinstitute.org


Foundation Board

The Pierce Foundation is overseen by a group of dedicated individuals.
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Carl Schoessel, President


Jim DeCamp, Vice President

National Sales Manager, Flexfab



Jim Toburen, Treasurer


Dave Arnold, Trustee





Willard L. "Joe" Pierce, Trustee


Matt Zimmerman, Trustee

Partner, Varnum Law

Dan Remenap, Trustee

Superintendent, Hastings Area School System

Sharon Van Loon, Trustee

Account Executive, Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance



Hilary Snell, Emeritus Trustee

Varnum Law